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A comprehensive framework for implementation of a beneficial ownership reporting system that delivers tangible benefits to all stakeholders

The BO6 Framework

BO6 is a 6 stage framework with a strong communication thread throughout that allows governments and other stakeholders to make the right decisions at the right time to optimize the benefits of having reliable information on business ownership available for use.

(1) Understand

the landscape where the beneficial ownership system is being constructed.

(2) Decide

on the scope of the beneficial ownership reporting system.

(3) Design

the mechanisms for collection, storage, verification, disclosure and enforcement.

(4) Legislate

to create a robust statutory basis for the reporting system and its enforcement.

(5) Implement

the legislation and all the mechanisms,

(6) Benefit

from the availability of clear data on the ultimate owners of companies.

About Us

Michael Barron and Tim Law have developed the BO6 framework based on their combined experience of practical implementation of beneficial ownership reporting across four continents. They have advised governments on the requirements to meet FATF Recommendations, the EITI Standard 2019, OGP and what constitutes international best practice. They have produced scoping studies, drafted robust definitions, designed collection, verification, disclosure and enforcement mechanisms, drafted primary legislation and implementing regulations, advised on overcoming resistance and ensuring that users benefit from beneficial ownership information.


Our team members have provided technical assistance across 4 continents


Our team members and network can provide technical assistance across advocacy, policy, regime design, legislation, communication, training and technology


Our team members are supported by an international network, and work seamlessly with local experts to deliver first-class technical assistance

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